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Top Facelift Surgeon In Sonoma County, California

Miguel Delgado,MD-Facelift Expert of Sonoma
Miguel Delgado,MD-Facelift ExperDr. Delgado – Top Facelift Surgeon In Sonoma County, California

Practicing facelift cosmetic surgery in Sonoma County, California for over 20 years, Dr. Delgado is an expert facelift surgeon and renowned for his attention to detail and artistry. Due to his devotion to the field of facelift plastic surgery and passion for excellence in patient care, Dr. Delgado has remained steadfast at facelift rejuvenation plastic surgery and is rated a top facelift surgeon in Santa Rosa, California.  He offers the most current procedures and innovations to improve your beauty. With an array of satisfied patients across the state and around the world, it’s no wonder why some have said he has the touch of a sculptor and the eyes of an artist.

Facelift Surgery Before and After by Dr. Delgado
Facelift Surgery Before and After by Dr. Delgado

Benefits of Facelift Surgery with Dr. Delgado

You’ll look a lot way younger and even feel more confident. Know more about the benefits of facelift cosmetic surgery.

When I discuss the benefits of facelift rejuvenation  with my patients in Santa Rosa,  CA I discover that for many it’s a turning point in their lives. I discuss the real benefits of facelift surgery which gives my patients the inspiration and motivation they are looking for to change for the better. People always want to look younger, healthier and more beautiful, which in turn leads to enhanced self-esteem and confidence. If you want to schedule a cosmetic consultation to discuss how facelift surgery can better you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery or Rhytidectomy

It’s worth mentioning that one of the greatest benefits of having facelift rejuvenation is being happy with your positive self-image that you portray when you look in the mirror. On the other hand, as medical professionals, we are not only devoted to educating our patients on subjective benefits, but also objective benefits as well. As a facelift surgeon Dr. Delgado’s aim to educate and inform my patients on the idea that facelift surgery, or any form of cosmetic surgery is not just a makeover: facelift surgery is used to restructure skin, muscle and fat, and it has lasting and positive effects on the patient.


  • Tighter Muscle Tissue – My modern facelift procedure tightens not only the skin, but also essential muscle tissue. Restructuring the face by tightening muscle tissue, and eliminating excess sagging tissue provides the perfect foundation on which to smoothen and firm the skin.


  • Firmer Skin – Rejuvenating essential muscle tissue on the face allows Dr. Delgado to pull and tighten the skin leaving it firmer, smoother and looking more youthful. As we come of age, our skin losses collagen, elastin and other components that keep it tight, leaving it more lax, saggy and prone to wrinkles. A facelift cosmetic surgery will reverse these effects.


  • Enhanced Facial Contours – The outcome of tightening essential facial muscles and pulling the skin is enhanced facial contours. As we grow older, skin and facial muscles begin to sag, gradually altering our facial structure. With the use of modern and advanced facelift procedures, we can be rest assured that natural contours will be restored, and we’ll regain that authentic beauty.


Miguel A Delgado Jr, MD Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon discusses female plastic surgery in the video below.


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Miguel Delgado, MD-Cosmetic and Plastic Facelift Specialist.